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Memorial Benches

In conjunction with the Memorial Benches program offered by our Parks & Recreation Dept., Falls Twp. would like to offer this space to share good memories and thoughts of the friends and loved ones that have been memorialized with a bench in the park.  Below are some of their stories...

Robin Klink on behalf of his mother, Dolores A. Hill
Dolores A. Hill left this earth on February 2, 2010. As a way for our family to honor her passing we decided to purchase the bench as a place to go to remember and reflect on the effect she had on our lives. She was the beloved wife of my dad, Robert and a devoted mother to my sister, Dee and me. She cherished children which made her the perfect loving grandmother to her two grandsons, Jim & Tim and we were lucky enough to have her here to celebrate the birth of her first great grandson, Ethan. Dolores was educated at Holy Name School 1949 and a graduate of Hallahan High School, class of 1953. She was formerly of the Fishtown and Juniata Park sections of Philadelphia before retiring to Bucks County PA - a place she truly enjoyed. She used to take walks around this park and we thought it fitting to place her bench near the lively area of the dog park as she doted over her pet Pomeranian dog, Maci. Family members make it a destination to visit her bench on their trips to the park and her whimsical plaque brings a smile to their face because she believed in the stars and the spirits above and so it reads: In Memory of Dolores Hill - Please get up, if she happens to come back. 

Blanche Spruill on behalf of her sister, Eileen
Eileen my baby sister. Caring daughter and sister.
Loving wife, mother, grand and ggrandmother.
Affectionately known to her many nieces and nephews as Aunt Lee.
Eileen loved to walk in the park, sit and read and watch the children playing. When she became too ill to walk far she pushed a stroller for support and would walk as far as the playground and watch the children play, some of the children would always talk with her and give her a "flower11
It was the pleasure she got from being there that we had the bench placed by the playground.
Now her family can come and sit awhile and feel the same pleasure she had.
Miss you Lee

Agatha Sassani on behalf of Michael T. Sassani
Mike passed away on December 2nd, 2015. He was only 58 years old. He was and still is the love of my life.
He loved the lake and the nature surrounding it. We walked the lake almost every day. He inspired me to love
it as much as he did. The best way that I thought to honor him was to put a bench at the lake so that people could
sit and enjoy its beauty as much as he did. If you ever sit upon his bench, think of him with laughter and love because
that is how he lived his life.

Adrielle Rigney on behalf of Windy & Bea Miller and Scott "Fin" Finegar
My bench is in memory of "Windy and Bea Miller", (my parents), and "Scott "Fin" Finegar", {my son). My parents were big outdoors people and taught my son and I to appreciate nature, and all it offers. My son actually went down to the park before it was a park. He and his friends loved to fish and swamp! I love seeing that bench get a lot of use. I walk the park a few times a week. It does need a new coat of paint but we picked out the perfect spot for it. Good fishing and a great view.

The Friends & Neighbors of Curt Baxter
We are one of the first residents to pay tribute to our friend and neighbor, Curt (Lumpy) Baxter by purchasing a memorial bench at the Falls Community Park.  Curt had a family owned and operated barbeque business called Lumpylicious. Our neighborhood always smelled wonderful while he was prepping for one of his many events, including a few held at the Falls Community Park.  Curt was the life of our neighborhood in Elderberry Pond. For a few years prior to his passing, he brought the neighborhood together by starting an annual block party to which many attended. His signature bar-b-que of ribs and chicken were to always a big hit.  Mostly importantly Curt was a good friend and neighbor who always looked out for everyone and would give you the shirt off his back, even if you were a stranger. To this day, Curt is sorely missed by all who knew him.

Patricia Dale on behalf of her mother Dorothy Myers
No one loved nature more than my Mother. She was an original Levittown homeowner and as long as I can remember she was the person who fed the birds, worried about strays and knew the name of every flower. She was also a fan of fishing and anything to do with the beach and the water.  When she passed away in 1990 her Grandson Steve had the terrific idea to purchase a memorial bench at the Falls Township Community Park. With a great view of the lake she would always be remembered near a place she would approve of.
Once when I was walking around the lake, I saw a young man sitting on "Mom's Bench" and he was fishing. I stopped and told him that it was her bench and that she would be so happy that he was using it to fish the lake! He was really surprised, and thanked me for sharing that information. It is such a wonderful way to remember a loved one. 

Mary Herald on behalf of her daughter, Teri Pinkas
Teri Pinkas grew up in Levittown, Pa. and was living there when she died. She was a vibrant person who was well loved by family, friends, and co•workers. Teri loved walking around the lake at the Falls Township Community Park after work and on weekends. In August 2013, Teri celebrated her 33rd birthday at the pavilion by the lake with family and friends. When Teri died in November of that same year, she was cremated. Since there was not a burial site for people to visit, her co•worker suggested the idea of a memorial bench in the park. The park officials were so cooperative and helpful. We were approved to have the bench painted pink. I say it was a take on her last name, but others see it as a fun, bright color that reminds them of Teri. The bench is in a perfect location because it faces the lake and is in front of the basketball courts where you see and hear people enjoying themselves. Two trees have been planted by family and friends just behind Teri's bench which, when fully grown, will add shade to where her bench sits. Teri's family and friends are grateful to have a spot to go sit, feel the peacefulness of the lake, and reminiscence about Teri and all the joy she had brought into our lives while she was with us in this world.