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Code Enforcement & Zoning



Prior to creating your online account, please contact Debbie Perkiss - 215-949-9013 or Mary Jo Westerhold - 215-949-9111 to get your ONLINE PIN NUMBER.  

ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING PERMITS - You must fill out the Electrical/Plumbing Form in its entirety, accompanied with plans, prior to submitting them through the portal.

Instructions to apply for a permit:

Please use the following link:

  1. Register-bottom left-hand side.
  2. Create username and password.
  3. Follow prompts to insert your web pin number.
  4. Search for property: only enter the address and street name only (do not put road, lane, etc.)
  5. Please select either commercial or residential.
  6. Choose permit type from the drop-down menu.
  7. Describe the type of work being performed.
    *** Homeowners: Please include your contractor’s name.  If you are not using a contractor, indicate the homeowner is performing the work***
  8. Basic usage: choose from residential or commercial
  9. Construction value: enter the cost of the job, including material and labor.
  10. If contractor: add applicant information – select your license type.
  11. If homeowner: click box to certify.
  12. All documents MUST be combined in a single PDF (site plan, maximum impervious surface calculation sheet, and plans for all outside work.)
  13. If you are applying for multiple permits, you MUST include plans with each permit. After submitting each permit, it will take you to the top of the page and ask, "Do you want to apply for another permit". Click yes and proceed to the next permit. 

The Code Department will receive the application after you submitted the permit. The first email you will receive is when the permit is accepted to go into the review process. (Please note, the permit is NOT APPROVED at this point)  You will receive subsequent emails when the application is approved or denied.  If the application is denied, it will indicate the reasons for the denial and the necessary steps to resubmit the application. The last email you will receive is to submit your payment. 

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Perkiss - 215-949-9013 or Mary Jo Westerhold - 215-949-9111.

Telephone & Email Directory

Name Title Telephone
Matthew Takita
Chief Code Enforcement Officer & Zoning Officer (215) 949-9001
Diane Beri
Planning/Zoning Department (215) 949-9129
Debbie Perkiss
Licenses & Inspections (215) 949-9013
Mary Jo Westerhold
Licenses & Inspections (215) 949-9111
Mary Stockton
Use & Occupancy (215) 949-9110
Ed Neubauer
Code Enforcement Officer (215) 949-9016
Jim Molimock
Code Enforcement Officer (215) 949-9103
Melissa Haxel
Code Enforcement Officer (215) 949-9112

Falls Township

450 Lincoln Highway
Fairless Hills, PA 19030

Phone: (215) 949-9000

Monday-Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm