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Shade Tree Commission

Next Scheduled Meeting

Meeting Date Agenda
Shade Tree Commission
May 9, 20247:00 PM


Joann Cosgrove
Eileen Donahue
Nastasha Raisley

Meeting Schedule

The Shade Tree Commission meets the second Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the Township Manager's Conference Room.

Board Composition

The Shade Tree Commission is a 3 member board appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

Currently, there is no vacancies available on the Shade Tree Commission.

Helpful Links

How to plant a tree – this site has 3 video’s demonstrating proper tree planting techniques

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Map of the percentage of tree cover in our area

How trees help fight global warming

How to become a Tree Tender

Landscaping with Native Plants in Pennsylvania

A place to see some beautiful trees and lovely gardens

Many of our yards are wet sites. Here’s a good list of plants that will thrive in a wet site

Want to calculate your carbon footprint?

This site has pictures of many huge old trees thought to be growing since William Penn’s lifetime