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Public Works

The Public Works Department consists of a foreman, thirteen full time employees, two mechanics, one building maintenance man and a secretary.

The Department is responsible for a great many tasks, including over 85 miles of Township dedicated streets and their maintenance, road repairs, drainage, signage and snow removal. The Department is also responsible for all Township street lighting, traffic and school signals, drainage basins, pipes and ditches, highways greenbelt mowing, all Township parks, the Township building and grounds and maintenance of all Township vehicles.

Despite inclement weather and other Township emergencies, every effort is made to complete all our tasks. We are as proactive as we can be, to ensure that issues throughout Township are minimized as much as possible.  However, some jobs exist only as a reaction to real time events, such as potholes opening up and street lights going out. In those types of situations we do the best of our abilities for the residents of Falls Township.

If you notice a problem with the street lights, please contact Jason Lawson at 215-949-9025.

Contact Information

Public Works

Mon-Fri: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Telephone & Email Directory

Name Title Telephone
Jason Lawson
Public Works Director (215) 949-9025
Joseph Arnao
Public Works Foreman (215) 949-9107
Leon Thompson
Garage Mechanic (215) 949-9109