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Falls Township, located in Lower Bucks County, was established as a Township on July 27, 1692. Prior to Falls Township becoming a separate political unit, the government was administered on a county basis by the Provincial Council. Falls Township originally included both Morrisville and Tullytown Borough prior to the Provincial Council in 1690, which had authorized the County Courts to separate the county into Townships. The County Court's order stated the following when creating Falls Township, and other local Townships:

"Whereas it was ordered formerly that this County should be divided into Townships. According to said order the said persons by this Court ordered did this day meete and divided the same as followeth: the Township at the falls being called to begin at Pennsbury and so up the river to the upper side of John Woods land and then to take in the Hawkins, Joseph Kerkbride and the widow Lucas' land. (these 4 properties bounded the Makefield line) and so the land along that Creek (a portion of Queen Anne Creek), Continuing the same until it takes in the land of John Rowland and Edward Pearson, and so to continue till it come with Pennsbury upper land (intersection of Newportville and Penn Valley Roads), then along Pennsbury to the place of beginning."

(The History of Falls Township, 2001 - Third Edition, p. 14)

Falls Township did not include Pennsbury Manor as part of the original agreement. The County assumed that the owner would care for his own private estate without any assistance. It was not until years later that Falls Township had adopted Pennsbury Manor as part of the Township. Falls Township consists of approximately 28 square miles. There was no name originally given to Falls Township, as it was left blank by the Court. The location of the Township, which its eastern and southern boundaries are formed by the Delaware River, is where its name stems from. For years it was called both "the Township at the Falls" and "The Falls Township".