If you could spend $5,500, but know that you would recoup another $50,000 or more why wouldn’t you do it?  

The Falls Township Supervisors approved a grant writing proposal that’s expected to substantially pay the Township much more than its initial investment. The forward-thinking board approved a $5,500 proposal from F.X. Browne, Inc. for completion of the Township’s annual Act 101 recycling grant application for 2022.  

Falls receives more than $50,000 each year from the grant. The previous year’s grant has not yet been received, but is expected to be an estimated $100,000, according to Finance Director Betsy Reukauf.

Grant amounts are based on total tonnage for residential and commercial properties. F.X. Browne, Inc., as part of its proposal, will obtain valid documentation needed for the application.  

The company has submitted the township’s grant applications for more than 20 years. 

Residents and businesses are encouraged to recycle as much material as possible. Every little bit helps increase the amount of potential grant funds.  

Haulers make it even easier to recycle with single-stream recycling, which allows for paper, plastic, and cans to be co-mingled in the same container. Recycling materials can be placed in any receptacle, provided it’s marked as being recycling and not mistaken for trash. Falls sells 22-gallon and 32-gallon recycling containers at the municipal building. 

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