Medical Reserves Corps.

The BC-MRC works directly under Bucks County’s Public Health Preparedness department is a volunteer group comprised of both medical and non-medical volunteers dedicated to improving the health and safety of Bucks County communities.

The BC-MRC has been instrumental in public health preparedness trainings, exercises, and community events both in Bucks County and in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region. BC-MRC volunteers have been deployed in response to local and national emergencies. Our unit has also participated in community vaccination clinics and preparedness drills and exercises, staffed emergency shelters, and provided education at community events and expos. 

The volunteers were heavily involved in Bucks County’s COVID-19 response activities, including staffing a call center, conducting case investigations & contact tracing, and supporting vaccination clinics. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to 215-345-3318 or email:


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